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10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗

  10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗ Despite the fact that individuals of Arab drop aren't regularly celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be shocked to realize that some of you. Araian Girl:Source-Wikimedia Despite the fact that individuals of Arab plunge aren't frequently celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be astounded to realize that a portion of your #1 performers have Arabic legacy.  Whatever your generalizations and suppositions might be, a portion of these names may astonish you. It simply demonstrates that individuals are really difficult to classify and these stars are no special case.  Here are a couple of stars whose predecessors or even guardians came from some place in the Middle East. Since they are not named Mohammed doesn't make their family any less authentic A large number of them have progenit

Factors of money value.

 Things that affects on money value

Things that affects on money value

 have you ever dated or thought about living the rich and luxurious lifestyle now I know everyone has seen those Instagram posts where users put up pictures of a couple thousand dollars in cash laying on their bed next to some really cool guns or a Lamborghini with the doors propped open in their driveway the truth is at one point we have all imagined ourselves in a world where we have financial freedom to buy almost anything we wanted so why do we get these dreams of having a mansion with a Lamborghini parked in the driveway or even touring the whole world on a vacation in fact kids and adolescents are more likely to daydream about being rich and famous than adults are this is because they can experience more identities and life possibilities more potential as adults while adults tend to daydream more realistically nowaday dreaming itself is a pretty big investment as we spend up to half of our mental activity on daydreams or predicting the future if that's what you want to call it when we drift off into the daytime dreamland we are slightly detached from our current situations and when we daydream about being rich it is because these fantasies reflect a need to rise above our frustrations of our own lives but what if it was really real what if you actually owned a huge mansion with a Lamborghini and had bedrooms full of cash with our behavior change after having all this money in this video I want to present you four ways money affects our minds the first one money motivation many studies suggest that money can alter a person's behavior but not always for the good side luckily there are many grateful wealthy people that donate huge portions of their piggy banks for good causes but this is sometimes an exception our thoughts behaviors and actions link to our psychology including factors from the way that you were raised - even genetics money may not control your beliefs but it definitely influences your attitudes and behaviors towards others in a study to find the motivations to complete a given task there were three groups of subjects these three groups were given the sweat breaking task and moving circles from one side of a computer screen to the other side the first group was asked to complete the task as a favor the second for only 50 cents and the third for a whopping five dollars the end results suggested that there are two reasons for motivation to complete a given task social motivation was found as a first motivator because when we recognize a tasks social value we see the to do it as they were the investment getting three friends to talk us up in front of a girl or having your parents boast about your test scores are great examples of social motivation however when money is brought into the table and returned for the completion of a task we tend to think more about the business value of a deal rather than the social side of it is mowing a yard for five dollars worth it how about five hundred dollars this may lead to some serious problems in one's work life if you feel underpaid you may be at risk who underperforming in the

Things that affects on money value
workplace in fact many companies will not hire people who are overqualified because of this if you hire a PhD in economics to be a janitor it is assumed 

They are going to work wise since you're paying the minimum wage on to number two self-perception the amount of money you bring in could affect the way you view others and in fact even yourself up until this point you probably did not think about breathing because you had plenty of oxygen you didn't have to worry about where you were going to get your next breath the same idea with money if you have tons of money you spend less time less worrying about where you're going to get it and this has crazy psychological effects on our behavior one study asked individuals to rate things such as their income class genetics and even IQ levels the results were eventually analyzed and produced the result of an individual's sense of class essentialism the wealthier the respondent the deeper the sense of class essentialism the individual possessed wealthy respondents were found to believe that class was based on genetics the same respondents also believed that life was fair and that you get what you deserve however those belonging to a lower class leave class and wealthiness has nothing to do with genetics of course someone who has to work 50-hour weeks to bring home two thousand dollars a month is going to think of themselves a lot differently than someone who works ten hours a week for fun and is relying on their parents trust fund money I'm the number three money cravings addiction begins with a perceived positive response to a specific behavior chasing the same behavior for the same response might trigger an addiction some people have become addicted to earning money I am sure that at least one point in your life you have received at least a rather large amount of money to fill up that empty wallet that you once had whether you work for it or not think about that feeling you had when Walla is full of money it feel good to have money in your pockets I'm sure it did this good feeling or positive response could lead to an addiction this is why some people become workaholics also compulsive shopping follows the same process when a compulsive shopper buys something their brain releases dopamine the famous feel-good chemical this positive response leads to a person chasing the behavior more and more and to feel more positive response thus leading to addiction these addictions like any other has the potential to become dangerous the want for money may become dangerous if you begin to perform illegal or dangerous acts to get money compulsive shopping can also become dangerous when you put yourself or others at risk if you spend more Bank than you bring in people who want a large amount of money in a lottery often fall to this simply because they didn't earn it and with earning money comes trials and successes of learning how to manage the money successfully the last one is morals and ethics who is more likely to not follow the rules whether it's interrupting someone or taking more than one piece of candy when the candy bowl clearly says only take one piece of candy or even click the like button if you enjoyed this video one study set out to find an answer respondents that found themselves at a higher class were more likely to break the rules as long as it benefited them the what do I have to gain from it mindset is often more possessed by those who have a higher wealth class they pursue the most benefits for themselves making them great for the business industry so does business and/or money have much room for ethics some people say no that's why when you find someone with both they make history I'm curious who you think had morals and money leave a comment below of someone that comes to your mind so after further review there seems to be a parent correlation between wealthiness and selfishness also if you have more wealth you are apparently more likely to bend the rules from time to time to benefit your favor according to some studies on the other hand there are also some studies that show a correlation between poverty and crime just understand that correlation does not mean causation having more money could also make you believe that you were rich just from your genetics and that you deserve to be rich so yes money does have the potential to change someone money can even make a person go crazy with an addiction from impulse buying to buying the whole store I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did subscribe for more thanks for watching you 

Things that affects on money value


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