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10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗

  10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗ Despite the fact that individuals of Arab drop aren't regularly celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be shocked to realize that some of you. Araian Girl:Source-Wikimedia Despite the fact that individuals of Arab plunge aren't frequently celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be astounded to realize that a portion of your #1 performers have Arabic legacy.  Whatever your generalizations and suppositions might be, a portion of these names may astonish you. It simply demonstrates that individuals are really difficult to classify and these stars are no special case.  Here are a couple of stars whose predecessors or even guardians came from some place in the Middle East. Since they are not named Mohammed doesn't make their family any less authentic A large number of them have progenit

How to earn money from online.

Earn money from online

 Did you know you can actually make money online?yeah that’s right, and all you need is a computer or phone with internet access. So in this video, I’m going to show you10 websites where you can actual start making some side cash or if you are really serious,some good Money! isn’t that amazing! On some of these websites you can actuallymake as much as a 100 dollars a day or even more, and the best part is, you don’thave to quit your 9 - 5 job, you can make this money, working in your free time. On the internet, there are two distinct ways ofmaking money. The first way is active income. With active income, its like your normal9 -5 job. You only get paid for the work you do. If you do not work, you don’t make money,as simple as that. The second way is through passive income. This is my favorite method because, with activeincome, all you do is put in the work once, and the money in theory should keep rollingin, without you having to do any more work other then maybe promoting what you have made,or in some cases what other people have made. So let’s get to the video. 1. Upworks is a website for freelancers.   With upworks you are making acvtive income. businesses and individuals post services on upworks that they would like to outsource such asarticle writing, video editing, app development, coding, there tons of jobs andservices being outsourced on upworks… The beauty of all this is its low barrierof entry, you just have to be good at something. If there is something that you are good atmaybe graphic design or coding or just about any skill, head over to upworks andstart making some Money. Here's a tip if you are considering workingon upworks, have a robust profile that looks good. This will drastically increase your likelihoodof ever receiving job offers, from potential clients. Displaying your best work or highlightingspecific experience can and will help you stand out. 2. YouTube.Not a lot of people know this but, you can actually make money with YouTube. If you are considering getting into YouTubeto make money, make sure you understand one thing clearly. Thanks to the new rules, if you are planningon starting a brand new channel from scratch, you first have to reach the YouTube minimumthreshold to get monetized. Which is you will need 4000 watch hours, and1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Once you have reached that, you can get monetized,how much can you make on YouTube? Honestly as much as you want! As long as you keep uploading good contentthat people are willing to watch your golden, and the longer the video the more money you can expectto make… you can make anywhere from 1$ to thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more views you are getting, the more moneyyou can expect to make, and also you get more subscribers! With YouTube, what you are earning is passiveincome, make a few videos and they should keep making you money consistently. You can also make money with YouTube throughpaid sponsorships, but with paid sponsorships you will need a large audience, usually aminimum of 10k subs to do that. You can also make money through affiliates,but we will get to that later… 3. Amazon.Although Jeff Bazos, did start off the company selling books, amazon now sells almost anythingyou can think of. It’s not just a site for buying your favoritetoys though, you can actually make money with amazon. And here’s three ways you how… The first way is Amazon Mturk – Mtruk iskind of like upworks, it’s a place where businesses outsource work that is too difficultfor a computer program to do. Such as audio editing and transcribing, translating audioand video from different languages, testing webpages, writing reviews, and a whole lotof other services. You can make as much as $20, $30 an hour,by working on a few different tasks. This is a legit may of making money, and theydo pay. This is active income though. The second way is Amazon kindle publishing.Turn your ideas into an eBook and make money today. Every time you buy an ebook from amazon, amazonand the publisher make money, and you can too. The thing with kindle publishing is… youfirst need a book to sell. You can either write this book yourself oryou can hire someone to write it for you. You don't have to be an established author,or find a publishing company to do this. You can actually do this from the comfortof your home and start earning some passive income. Sounds awesome right? and the best part is,it’s absolutely free, so sign up and start making some money. Amazon takes care of the money handling shenanigans…and you can sit back relax on your couch, while making some good old… passive income. If you are really interested in kindle publishing,I highly recommend you do more research on this topic. You can find free videos and tutorials right hereon YouTube that will teach you the basics. If you want expert advice, you might haveto first pay for a course. I will link a really good one in the description,if you are interested. Some people make over $100,000 publishingKindle e-books on Amazon. It’s definitely a market to look into. The third way is Amazon associates program. This is a very popular and easy way of earningpassive income. All you do is sign up to the amazon associatesprogram which is free, than you can pick from thousands of stuff amazon sells on their websiteand start promoting. Amazon will give you a special link, and everytime someone buys through your link, amazon will give you a commission anywhere from 5– 10% of the sale. Amazon will pay you 60 days after a purchaseand you can chose to be paid either through amazon gift cards, wire transfer to a bankaccount – although this is currently only available in the US but if you live outsideAmerica you can be paid via cheques, or you can have the money transferred to your amazonaccount and start buying stuff with it. 4. clickbank.Clickbank is a marketplace for product creators and affiliates to make money online buy sellingtheir courses or services to the world. Clickbank only sells digital products, butthe beauty about clickbank is that the, commission payout is so much higher than that of Amazon. Some affiliates pay you as much as 75%, forselling their services, while others pays as low as 5%, so keep that in mind. But with that said, you can make some reallygood money on clickbank, hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Simply head over to clickbank, pick somethingto sale and start making money. 5. flippa.comflippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. It attracts a huge audience, and it offersgreat tools to increase visibility, it’s an auction site really much like eBay, forthose selling and buying digital assets, such as websites, apps, domains, shopify storesand amazon FBA accounts. If you are good at making apps or even websites…you can actually sell it online and make some money. Or better yet, if you have some money lyingaround and you are interested in buying either websites, apps, or ecommerce stores… thatare already making money, you can do so with flippa. What happens is, you place a bid, much likeeBay and if your bid is the highest, then congratulations because you just bought yourselfan online business. You can also make money by selling onlinebusinesses. So that’s flippa for you. 6. Shutter stock.Basically shutter stock is a platform where you can buy or sell digital media. Such as pictures, music and video clips. Mainly created by freelancers and third parties,so if you might be particularly good at photography taking amazing pictures and videos. Or really good at making sick beats, you canmonetize your talent on shutter stock. The way you make money with shutter stockis every time some purchases one of your pictures, you get paid a commission, usually a couplecents to a few dollars, if you are lucky. The trick to making a lot of money with shutterstock is to consistently keep uploading high quality images. 7. Rover.Do you like pets? Dog in particular? If so, then you should probably check outrover. Rover is a dog sitting service, but this iscurrently only available in the US and Canada. So if you live in any of those two countriesthen you can register as a dog sitter, and get paid for babysitting dogs. You can make anywhere between 80 - $100 anight, just by watching someone’s dog! You can literally make hundreds of dollarsa week by just babysitting someone’s pet. Now how about that for a deal?! 8. Takelessons.comTake lessons is a website where you can teach any skill. Everyone has a skill, that they can teach,whether that might be, teaching someone a language, how to cook, how to play a musicalinstrument, how to solve complex math equations… any so much more. Anything that you think someone else mightnot know, you can teach people on takelessons, and start making money. 9. Fiverr.You have probably heard of fivver mentioned a lot of times, because it’s a simple andeasy site to start making money. But if you haven’t, basically it’s a freelancewebsite where you can literally outsource anything and I mean anything… as long asits legal, for as little as $5 There are so many different ways to make moneyon fiverr, just to name a few. You can do animations, Logo Design, PackagingDesign, Web & Mobile Design, Social Media Design, Photoshop Editing, Architecture & FloorPlanning, 3D Models & Product Design, T-Shirts & Merchandising, SEO and so much more. If there is anything that can be outsourced,you can most likely find it on fiver. Head over and check out fiverr guys, it alegit of making money. 10. Drop shipping.With drop shipping, what you are basically doing is selling someone else stuff for asmall or large profit without having to deal with the shipping. So basically you are acting like a brokeror a middle man. You can do this by opening up a shopify storeand then linking it up with oberlo. Oberlo is basically an app that integrateswith shopify, and it is what a lot of people use to source for stuff that they would liketo sell on their stores. The basic principle of drop shipping is, youcreate a store or any channel where people can buy stuff from you. Then once they buy something from you, youpay the manufacturer, usually for a lot less then what you got it for, and then have themanufacturer ship it to the customer. All without you ever seeing or touching theproduct. The best part of drop shipping is that youset your own price of the product you want to sell, then take the profits and pay themanufacturer the rest. So yeah that’s drop shipping in a nutshell. If you are interested in drop shipping, thereare a ton of tutorial here on YouTube, that will show you the step by step guide of creatingyour store, finding products, advertising, finding influencers, and finally shippingand getting paid. It’s a bit complicated to start, especiallyin the beginning, but you can make a ton of money… with drop shipping. With that said, thank you for watching guys,please subscribe, enable notification and I will see you on the next one. 


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