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10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗

  10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗ Despite the fact that individuals of Arab drop aren't regularly celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be shocked to realize that some of you. Araian Girl:Source-Wikimedia Despite the fact that individuals of Arab plunge aren't frequently celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be astounded to realize that a portion of your #1 performers have Arabic legacy.  Whatever your generalizations and suppositions might be, a portion of these names may astonish you. It simply demonstrates that individuals are really difficult to classify and these stars are no special case.  Here are a couple of stars whose predecessors or even guardians came from some place in the Middle East. Since they are not named Mohammed doesn't make their family any less authentic A large number of them have progenit

How to learn coding easily

 Procedure for learn coding


 learning programming is like learningany other skills such as learning how to cook or learning how to swim you don'tneed to have computer science background or a computer science degree if you want to start learning programming let's say you are from Bachelor of Commerce orBachelor of Arts on biomedical background and you want to startlearning how to code the major challenge that people face most of the time isthere are so many online resources so many programming tutorials and it's easyto get confused in this video I'm going to show you a step-by-step approach onhow you can approach programming so that you can spend minimum amount of time andget the maximum output out of it also I will go over many online free resourcesin this video which you can use to learn yourself programming this is somethingyou can do on your own by watching those tutorials and following those onlinecourses and practicing the problems on your own step number one is tounderstand the principles of effective learning I'm going to show you a videoby Nisha and Cassie Butler who talks about how we can learn anything veryeffectively I have this video link in the video description below but if youdon't want to watch that video I will just quickly summarize what he means tosay here is the slide that I had taken from his presentation what he says isbasically when you learn something there are two aspects one is input and theother one is output in the input you are watching programming tutorials you arereading coding books and all of that and in the output part you are practicinghow to code you are also reflecting on whatever you have learned and then youalso want to share with others whatever you have learnt because they say thebest way of learning something is to start teaching the issue is majority ofthe time people spend a lot of time in input which is watching so many codingtutorials online but they don't spend much time in practicing those codingproblems and exercises and even reflecting on whatever theyhave learnt so we need to fix this balance we need to spend more time inoutput than input which is you watch a programming tutorial then you spend moretime on reflecting whatever you have learnt and then practice coding problemspractice is the most important thing and also then share with your friends andtry to help your friends in the problem that they are facing once you haveunderstood the principles of effective learning step number two is tounderstand what is code for that also I have a nice video so please go watch itagain video description has all the lengths that I am going to talk aboutduring this video code is basically a language that you use to communicatewith a computer when you want to communicate with any human being you usea human language such as English in the or all do similarly to work with acomputer we use programming language such as Python Java JavaScript etcanyways in that video I have more information so now let's say you haveunderstood what is the code the third step is to understand computer scienceprinciples the program that you learn it uses CPU RAM input/output devicedifferent components on the computer also the data is stored in a binaryformats in bits ones and zeros so it's important that you understand all thisunderlying computer science principle for this we have a nice for this we havea nice Khan Academy course or explaining you the computer science principles KhanAcademy is totally free you don't have to pay anything so please go and finishthat course this course will be applicable no matter what programminglanguage you are trying to learn step number four after you have finishedgoing through the computer science principle is to choose a career trackbeing a programmer is more like being a doctor where you have differentspecializations such as lung doctor heart doctor anesthesiologistsimilarly in programming you can become either a web developer mobile developeror back-end developer data science etcetera so you have to choose aparticular track that you are interested in if you decide to go for a webdevelopment career track you have to learn HTML CSS and JavaScript these arecalled Holy Trinity of web development and you have to have a goodunderstanding of these three then you can learn any JavaScript frameworks suchas reactors or UJS or nodejs these are very popular frameworks whichallows you to do web development very fast if you decide to become a mobileapp developer then again you need to have a good understanding of HTML CSSand JavaScript but for mobile app development you can now do either anative mobile app development or a hybrid in the native for iOS there is aSwift programming language that you need to learn if you decide to go withAndroid then you need to learn Java for hybrid you need to learn frameworks suchas a reactive native there is a flutter from Google there are so many frameworksbut react native from Facebook is very popular nowadays if you decide to doback-end programming and numerical computing data science etc Python is thelanguage to go for the good thing about Python is it can be used as a full stackdevelopment language where if you want to do less of web developmentthen you can use Django framework which is written in Python for doing machinelearning AI numerical computing there are so many libraries available inPython you can also learn Java 4 back in programming if you are doing somethinglike big data computing then there Java is very popular step number 5 is tostart level 1 programming tutorials here is the stage where you are getting yourhands dirty and you are writing your first program the idea here is at thisstage of your programming journey you want to get basic understanding ofwriting code such as using variables data types how to run your core bebig file operations etc if you have chosen a web and mobile app developmentcareer track you can follow HTML CSS and JavaScript tutorials from Khan Academyso the good thing about Khan Academy is first of all it is free the tutorialsare explained in a very simple language and there are exercises and quizzesthere is another great resource called code Academy on code Academy you cancreate a free account which allows you to watch 180 hours of content per monthof course you will not get access to some of the premium features but let'ssee if you can afford money you can go for the pro account just a littledisclaimer by the way none of the online courses that I'm mentioning in thisvideo are sponsored this is based on my own research and my opinion the way codeAcademy works is there are different they will be very very interactive theywill ask you to write code from the very first step so watch those online courseson HTML CSS and JavaScript some of them are free ok and some of them require Proaccount so whatever I am linking in the video description below those are allthe free courses so all you need to do is just create an account and startfollowing those courses if you decide to pursue data analyst data sciencescientist type of career track and let's see if you want to learn Python then Ihave a nice Python tutorial playlist which I have designed for let's say youknow how high schoolers even a high school student can understand thesetutorials really well in this playlist

 I recommend you watch first 14 tutorialsonly because at this tee you want to just get basic understanding and afterthat there will be some steps you'll be following and then you can watchremaining tutorials Python is a great language if you are just beginning yourcoding journey right if you are not sure which programming languagewant to learn I would say just go for Python because python is very very easyto learn it's like English like it's so easy thateven a high school student can learn it easy for Python tutorials I also haveHindi tutorials so if you're not comfortable with English and if you wantwhat them in Hindi I have a separate Hindi channel where you can watch thoseHindi tutorials the exercises in Hindi tutorials are much better actually soeven if you are doing English tutorials I will say do the exercises from myHindi tutorials and I'm gonna provide my github link where you can get access ofall the exercises and there is a link to all the solutions as well alright nowyou have completed level one coding tutorials you have some understanding ofhow to write code and run it Excel etcetera at this stage you should nowlearn debugging skills debating skills is extremely important if you want tobecome a good programmer for this also I have a complete playlist I have threetutorials where I have explained how you can debug the code in Python code editoryou can use the concepts in this tutorials for pretty much any codeeditor beat Visual Studio code or even eclipse and if any any any IDE idea isbasically integrated development environment or your code editor whereyou are writing your code now thinking about code editor visual studio codetoday as of 2020 is the most popular IDE so if you are confused on which codedcode editor to choose just go for visit studio code because you can doJavaScript programming Python programming any type of programming inthat are for Python specifically there is pycharm Community Edition that isfreely available to download from jet trains website so you can use PyCharm aswell but that will be more for Python I have this another great tutorial linkfor how to do debugging in chrome if you are doing web programming yoube doing debugging in Chrome or any other browser for that the good thing isbrowsers have inbuilt a code debugger which you can use youcan set a breakpoint you can execute your code you can step through step inyour court etcetera this tutorial is from Google so please watch it again letme remind you having good debugging skills is extremely important especiallyin your early phase because early phase what will happen is you will write codeand it will give the output that you are not expecting and you'll be wonderingwhy this is happening at that time you can debug your course step by step andyou can know what's going on inside your code step number seven is datastructures guys data structure is extremely important there is not asingle programming interview that I have seen in my life where they don't askabout data structures data structures are basic building blocks of any programdoesn't matter which programming language you are using Java Pythonwhatever it is you will be using data structure for sure for that also I haveanother tutorial playlist so go watch that once you have sound understandingof data structures you can be a really good programmer and this tutorials haveexercises as well so remember the fundamentals of effective learning whichis watching less tutorials and practicing more okay so even after youwatch those native structure tutorials make sure you practice all the exercisesthat I have given and I have the solution of those exercises on my githubpage as well after that the next step is to learn estimate if you want to becomea good programmer you need to have sound understanding of SQL okay even for adata scientist or data analyst SQL is a must for that I have a link of a KhanAcademy course on SQL this course again is very very basic you are just startingon SQL for the first time and it will walk you through all the basic conceptslike relational database is the primary key for Enki the jointsbetween the tables at so there is a great playlist on YouTube by CUDA ofanchored on SQL and now this playlist contains lots of videos I would suggestyou watch only first twelve videos for the basics now if you are interested ingaining additional skills in SQL you can watch it remaining tutorial step numbernine is level two programming tutorials so at this stage you have done somebasic programming you know how to do debugging you have good understanding ofdata structures SQL assets now you are ready for level two or intermediateprogramming tutorial on Python programming playlist now you can watchthe tutorial number 15 onwards on my channel because that will be littleadvanced if you are doing web programming then I have a link of kindacademic courses I have two courses here one is - how to do dynamic web pages andhow to do jQuery step number ten is to learn about algorithm algorithms areagain a very important concept other than data structure and it applies toany programming language that you are learning for this I have a Khan Academycourse link where you know you go over basic algorithms like binary search andmore sort and different types of sword mechanisms and all of that this way youget good understanding of inner workings of your program how your programperforms the bigger complexity and so on so any good programmer will have soundunderstanding of algorithm after you are done with this step the next step wouldbe to start working on projects now until now whatever steps you followed oryou can do project-based learning or I call it like a target targeted learningand what I mean by that is whenever you're learning let's say level onecoding tutorials 11 to coding tutorials you need to have a concrete project inmind that you're working on let's say you are doing web developmentin that case you should target to finish one simple website at list and that is atarget now to finish the target you are learning all this different conceptssuch as TM LCA since in JavaScript right after you have followed all the stepsnow the your goal should be to work on more and more projects okay so if youare a web developer initially you build less a static website now you builddynamic website you build an e-commerce websitesimilarly for Python you wrote simple program which will do some simple filemanipulation now you write programs that can do less a data visualization forexample now if you want to do data visualization you need to learnmatplotlib or less the Seabourn library and now youcan go and watch matplotlib tutorials or a seaborne tutorials if you are doingnumeric computing you will watch numpy tutorials let's say you pick a projectfor machine learning in that case you can watch now machine learning tutorialso see after following this first ten steps now you're learning train is kindof on the track and it has started accelerating so now what you're doing isyou are working on more and more projects and to finish particularprojects whatever new skills you require you learn them on demand okay as in whenthere is a need you now learn new skills such as numpy Escalon Seabourn and so onand as you practice more and more projects you will become more and morebetter at programming so this diagram highlights the 11 steps approach whereyou begin as a zero and then become hero in programming I want to repeat thisagain that anyone can learn coding you don't need to have computer sciencebackground you don't need to be genius nowadays all this programming languagesPython JavaScript etc they are high level programming languages and they arevery easy to code like here I live in US and hethey teach this programming languages in the middle school and middle schoolercan also do programming really well I was going to a library to teachprogramming and there were like eight year old kid and he was very good inprogramming okay so just keep this in mind that you canalso do it all you need to do is follow a discipline approach and follow theapproach which gives you maximum ROI which is your return on investment okayso if you follow this 11 step approach you will spend minimum time and get themaximum output for your effort and programming is something that isnowadays required in any field doesn't matter what a profession is if you are amechanical engineer electrical engineer even in HR if you have programmingskills then that will separate you out from the crowd okay and you can getbetter job you can make a fast progress in your career also if you want toswitch a career let's say you want to go in data scienceor programming having these skills will really help you to make a transition inthat field and being a programmer has so many benefits for example right now weare in coronavirus era where we are in a lockdown but if you're a programmer mostlikely you are not going to lose your job you can work from home all you needis internet connection also programmer gets paid really high okay so financialreward is also amazing and the future is also very bright for programmers I havecreated a github page with all the information that I discussed in thisvideo along with the links of all the courses so you can see that there arelinks of all the courses here and whatever I described in the video isavailable in a text form so the link of this github MD page is available invideo description so please check the video description go to this link andexplore all the useful links that I have given here so that's all I had for thisvideo I hope it clears some confusion in case you are confused about where tobegin and if you have any question pleasepost in the comment below I try to answer as many comments as possible soany confusion don't hesitate no question is a stupid question you can ask thequestion in the 


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