Friday, 30 October 2020

What you should do in boring time.

 Some work that should done on boring time

 Heya playa, now that it's the summer you don'thave to worry about going to school, taking tests or even waking up early for the nextfew months. However, there is a very high chance that you will end up bored sittingat home doing nothing all day long. How do you prevent that kind of boredom from ruiningyour summer? I'll share those tips right after this. This is The Josh Speaks. You're watchingThe Josh Speaks. Now that you have no excuse to not play video games all day long and tostay up to 3 in the morning, you probably think you have the life right now. But aftera week of doing the same thing over and over, it's very likely that you're gonna get boredand you're gonna need a change of pace so you don't go crazy. So the first thing youshould do is something that is refreshing go through your room and change up the styleof it. Bag up old clothes that you don't wear anymore, put away things that you just don'tuse, changing up the scenery that you're gonna spend the majority of your summer in willmake you feel like it's a brand new experience and that new experience will keep you fromgetting bored of seeing the same thing every single day. Plus, cleaning up a lot of theclutter that's been built up in your room cause you haven't had a chance to get to itbecause of school will make you feel like you can start the new year in a fresh andclean place. The second thing you should do is something that is creative. Now, I'm nottrying to influence your decision here but why not make a YouTube channel and make videosall summer long? And if not that, there are plenty of other things you could still dolike drawing, writing a story or even recording a movie for just you and your friends. Sittingand watching tv all day long is a complete brain drain so try to think of fun and creativeideas to get your brain juices flowing. The third thing you should do is something thatis active. At least when you were in school you were walking to and from class and notjust sitting all day pressing buttons on a control with your fingers. So, really tryto make time to do something active. Whether it's going for a walk, hitting up a beachor a pool or even just playing any kind of sport with your friends. Not to mention justsitting at home means you're missing out on the fresh air, the warm sun, the beautifuloutdoors all for a few more hours on your Playstation. The fourth thing you should dois something that is social. Now, not everyone has this ability to go meet up with theirfriends whenever they want. Sometimes during the school year is the only time you reallyget to see them. But, you can try to organize bigger events with lots of people all at onceby speaking to your parents, having them speak to theirs that way you guys can go out tothe movies, go out bowling, or just hit up the mall together. Sitting indoors by yourselfwith no one to talk to all day long will leave you bored and alone. So try to keep in contactwith your friends any way that you can whether that's having a group chat going or Snapchattingthem once in a while. Heck, you can even contact your crush and try to keep in contact withthem throughout the summer. Check out my video right here to see what I'm talking about.And the 5th thing you should do is something that is relaxing. Now I know, pigging outin front of the TV all day long with the air conditioner running may sound incredibly relaxing,but I have an alternative approach. Being a couch potato usually causes you to turnyour mind off. So instead what I would suggest doing is something with no distractions. Thatmay be sitting in your room alone, relaxing and not listening to music or anything thatwould bother you. Sometimes sitting in silence or just listening to the natural sounds aroundyou can be the most peaceful experience you can have. And gaining that peaceful experiencewill cause you to be present minded and very very appreciative and grateful of what youhave in that moment. Watching tv doesn't really give you time to just slow down, stop andjust be. And not having any distractions at all will allow you experience that exact feeling.What do you think though, how do you plan on not being bored this summer? Leave yourcomment below and we'll talk about it. If you're new to the channel make sure to hitthe subscribe button below. I put out a new video every Tuesday and Friday sharing tips,stories and ideas teaching you how to be your best self. Also, I'm planning on being superactive with you guys through out the summer so make sure to follow me on all my sociallinks. I'll be live on Periscope, on Facebook Live and I'll be doing Snapchat every singleday. So make sure to follow me and check me out there, as always guys, love and peace. 

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