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10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗

  10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗ Despite the fact that individuals of Arab drop aren't regularly celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be shocked to realize that some of you. Araian Girl:Source-Wikimedia Despite the fact that individuals of Arab plunge aren't frequently celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be astounded to realize that a portion of your #1 performers have Arabic legacy.  Whatever your generalizations and suppositions might be, a portion of these names may astonish you. It simply demonstrates that individuals are really difficult to classify and these stars are no special case.  Here are a couple of stars whose predecessors or even guardians came from some place in the Middle East. Since they are not named Mohammed doesn't make their family any less authentic A large number of them have progenit

10 Must have productivity apps for iPhone,2021

 10 Must have productivity apps for iPhone,2021

 10 best productivity apps for your iphone hey guys i'm back and i've got something that's   really going to help you out i have an iphone it's right here right now and i'm using it actually as   a timer but i've got an iphone here and i try to stay more productive and i've come across   10 apps that you must you 100 must have uh the last one is going to kind of surprise you but   stick with me i'm going to go through each one of these apps tell you what to do that's what you're   going to get in this video let's get going hey before we get going have you subscribed if you   haven't done so hit that subscribe button down there turn it from red to gray and a bell is going   to appear you want to ring the bell by turning on all notifications so you're notified every time i   upload a video or i go live and if you like this video please give me a thumbs up i would really   appreciate it okay let's get to the first one the first one is called any do let me show you   a screenshot of it there's any do right there kind of a cool app um you know you often will   forget your daily tasks and chores i mean i know i do if i don't have something like this but this   helps you keep your schedule on track with a to-do list it's got reminders notes and it also has the   ability to share lists with and assign tasks to others one of the best productivity apps   any do lets you sync between phone desktop web tablet keep all your lists up to the minute   perfectly ready to go it also has a voice entry feature that lets you add items to your   task list just by talking to it i hate i hate to tag i hate typing i'm not going to type it   it also has a calendar integration that's available for better task list management further   enhance your productivity with cross-platform support for subtasks notes file attachments   it's good for ios 14 users okay so you do have to have that uh it's got a free version or it's got   a premium version with advanced features for 9.99 a month okay that was pretty cool stuff   but wait we've got more let's move on to the next one right now the next one is called flow now flow   is pretty cheap flow is two bucks a month dollar ninety-nine uh but it comes to jotting down ideas   you can go with the built-in note-taking app that's already on your phone but anyone with   an ios device can turn to flow by moleskin which has not only captured an apple design award last   year but also took home apple's honors for the best ipad app of the year users can actually draw   or take notes with an infinite width canvas that lets you customize everything from your writing   tools virtual pens pencils markers all that stuff okay flow provides a luxurious drawing experience   that fully supports iphone and ipad the app is actually available for a seven-day trial but then   it's going to go to 199 a month really cool app i think you should check it out i think you like   it let's get on to the next one the next one is called to-do list guess what it does you're right   it's a to-do list let's go check it out real quick it is free it's a multi-platform planner app that   keeps things efficient with clean gimmick-free approach to interface and task management okay it   also has a powerful natural language engine that can easily transform a jotted down thought into   one-off or recurring tasks color-coded priority levels shared projects and productivity graphs   that record your progress to-do list is a handy companion for getting things done more advanced   users will appreciate the powerful integration with things like i had this dropbox ifttt if this   than that and slack updates have added features like sections for organizing all of your projects   and to-do's and groups and quick add to speedily add your items to the list a recent update they   just did actually brought the upcoming view which which makes it easier to visualize your task once   you've scheduled for the future while its ios version is great for swiping week by week it looks   great on desktop where you have more space to see your tasks day by day weeks in the future now this   app is free forever though premium subscriptions unlock additional features for 3.99 a month   now here's one that we're familiar with on our desktops and maybe even our laptops but our phone   yes our phone it is word excel and powerpoint let me show you this app really cool stuff   okay so here it is we're looking at a screenshot of it now it is office suite of programs   that has really been the gold standard for desktop productivity forever the mobile versions of word   excel and powerpoint continue that tradition designed to provide maximum file capacity   and capability with their desktop versions while modifying the interface for touch screen devices   really cool stuff it's got cloud support for services such as onedrive drive dropbox that's   really made for easy sharing collaboration uh while their free tier is okay for basic viewing   and editing you'll get the most out of the apps with an office 365 subscription that's what i have   i have that if you just as soon combine all those individual apps into one microsoft just released   a new mobile version of office for android and ios that features word excel and powerpoint   while making the productivity suite more mobile friendly pretty cool stuff now let's look at the   next one which is number five and it's called drafts five let's check it out okay so here's   drafts five i really like the way this is organized i think it's really simple to see   it has like a tortoise that makes mean note-taking and quick fire writing app with aptly named drafts   now in its fifth iteration okay fire drafts up and the app throws you a quick blank page   with a keyboard at the ready new entries and notes get placed into an inbox so you can tag   and sort them later alternatively if you want you can use any of the dozens of useful quick   actions and app integrations to turn your jotted down text notes into documents tweets social   media notes emails or messages while inbox notes can be tagged for sorting flag for importance   or even archived if you want the tax editor itself is highly customizable allowing you to   tweak everything from spacing to line heights and margins now the premium for this one is   2.99 which is certainly an economical price to pay for an app this powerful the next one up is called   one password that's number six one password um i don't know about you but at one point i   was actually trying to memorize all my passwords and keep them in my head and i would forget them   and i would ask my wife because she works in some of the same programs i do i would say hey   what's the password for this what's password for this and she would just pull up this app and she   would know all the passwords and she was like you ought to get this app you ought to get this app   and it took me actually probably a year or two to finally do it because i'm so glad i did do   it though because now i literally have hundreds and hundreds of logins in different places so   let's look at one password real quick uh here it is what it looks like little screenshot uh   and it wastes so much time just looking you know trying to find passwords this is one of the best   productivity apps because it saves you the mental energy of trying to recall every single password   you've ever created that's impossible now because you know they constantly make you redo them   you can store many things with one password logins you know website logins credit cards bank info   passports licenses all that stuff okay you can try out one password uh free for 30 days if you want   but you can also get the paid version which is 3.99 a month and guess what the paid version is   a lot better so you probably should do that number seven is just press record   i bet you know what it's about already don't you let's go through and take a look at it real quick   okay just press record is a versatile one tap recording app for iphone you can use for   ipad even your apple watch it also adds some useful features like built-in transcription   easy note taking you can record from a long press on the app icon   from a lock screen or notification widget there's also an apple watch complication for just record   if you don't have an apple watch you have no idea what a complication is but it's just one of the   little icons on your watch the app can transcribe speech and support for a number of languages and   spoken punctuation commands recordings are sorted by date and time and can be manually renamed the   transcription also allows you to search through recordings for specific terms recordings and   transcriptions sync to icloud and you can share them to a variety of apps we're trucking along now   we're we're number eight already number eight's a cool one number eight is auto voice meeting notes   let's check it out right now it's pretty cool uh this is another option for device assisted voice   note taking it's a smart transcription app it can record your phone's internal microphone or through   a bluetooth device which is really cool then it automatically transcribes your work in nearly   real time complete with punctuation speaker id and searchable playback and your recordings users can   edit transcripts to fix any errors and transcripts can be exported to text or other apps or   shared with a group or through public view links there is a free plan for auto voice meeting notes   but the paid version is of course a lot better and it's actually 9.99 a month it's a little on   the high side but it's a great app you may want to check that out number nine is memento and if   you want to improve the looks of your apps this is the way to go let's check this out real quick okay   so here is memento um it offers a choice between a traditional vertical view of upcoming to-do's and   a more visually pleasing grid look the app also appears as a widget on the today screen on your   ios device and a for you tab hopefully provides an at a glance look at your most important reminders   momento share extension even lets you create reminders from other apps and since momento syncs   with other built-in ios reminders apps all your existing to-do's easily transfer over to the new   app and you're just gonna love it you gotta check it out now we're down to number 10. the last one   on the list did you think we'd ever get there we got there here it is the last one is called   clothes let's check this one out now this one is probably the most expensive one there is but it   keeps track of your businesses and professional contacts and can be you know really difficult   to do in separating those two this app syncs details about your contacts from social networks   and email so that your information and profiles are always up to date close also functions as a   one-stop social networking command center allowing you to tweet update your status likes or shares   links all that stuff additionally close uses your interactions and messages to identify key people   and automatically surfaces tweets status messages and other related updates from them   so there you have it my top 10 picks now one thing i'll tell you is i have a lot of apps on my phone   but try to keep them organized try to maybe build some folders like i have a folder that is you know   food related i have a folder that's travel related i have a folder that's social media related   that way i can actually go into those folders and find the things i want and i don't have to scroll   through you know 25 different screens though i still think i have like 10 or 12 screens   i still have a lot even with folders but folders will help you so that's my bonus for this video   create some folders put like apps into a folder and remember where you put them too because that   can be an issue i've had that before i hope you enjoyed this video put your comments below if you   have questions about this or anything having to do with starting running and growing your business   online please put them in the comments below if you have had experience with other apps i'm   still looking for them maybe you've got a cool app you want to tell me about i want to hear about it   put it in that comment section below thank you so much for watching this video as a bonus   i have a course below it's a 97 course but guess what you can get it for free all you gotta do is   click the link no credit card required and you can start learning so check that out   in the description below thanks so much for watching this video i really appreciate it don't   forget to subscribe if that button down there is still red shame on you you should have clicked it   and turned it gray that subscribe button yeah right there see it yeah click that and then   turn on all bell notifications a bell is going to pop up next to it and you want to click the   part that says all notifications okay that way you're notified every single time i upload a video   or i go live okay don't forget to do that give me a thumbs up if you like this video i really   appreciate it appreciate you watching and i'll see you in the next video hey thanks for watching my   video don't forget to subscribe to my channel and click that little bell right here so you can be   notified every time i do a new video also click on one of those videos there keep watching on my channel 


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