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10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗

  10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗ Despite the fact that individuals of Arab drop aren't regularly celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be shocked to realize that some of you. Araian Girl:Source-Wikimedia Despite the fact that individuals of Arab plunge aren't frequently celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be astounded to realize that a portion of your #1 performers have Arabic legacy.  Whatever your generalizations and suppositions might be, a portion of these names may astonish you. It simply demonstrates that individuals are really difficult to classify and these stars are no special case.  Here are a couple of stars whose predecessors or even guardians came from some place in the Middle East. Since they are not named Mohammed doesn't make their family any less authentic A large number of them have progenit

How to approve adsense early?

 How to approve adsense early?

Google Adsense,Source-Diggita

 hello guys today i'm going to show you how to fix low value content in adsense so if you're   getting reply from google adsense telling you you have a low value content i'm going to show   you the reason why you're getting this report and also give you some steps you need to fix   and reapply for addison and get approver instantly so now i'm going to show you the reason this is   the website that i applied for google adsense i have enough content inside this website but i'm   getting a reply that uh i have a low value content which i need to blog more like four to five   so once you have like let's say you have let's say you have 20 content you apply for adsense they   give you information about you have a low value content a low value uh you need to increase your   uh uniqueness of content you need to also know the kind of images you use in your website when you're   trying to apply for addition not just uh the uh image also engage yourself by adding more content   if they say low value content please add at least if you check these this contents i have here none   of them is up to 1000 works some of them are 300 uh 400 as you can see is not that long so at least   i need like 1 000 content like four okay when you get these kind of reports low value content please   try to add like four to five content which is all of them should be at least one thousand works   i mean one thousand so make sure you make the content you want to repost 1000 don't delete the   old ones please don't do that mistake don't delete the old ones what you need to do once you see   a reply like this low value content from adsense what you need to do is to add at   least four to five content and each of those content should be maximum or minimum of what   1000 works are both and again try to know the places you get your image from i think you should   go to this website if you want me to drop the url to this website you can be able to get free image   from free copyright you're not going to have any copyright issue you're going to get image you're   going to use in your content so try to use content like uh let's say for example finance uh insurance   uh insurance within finance okay try to let's say you you have content you want to or maybe you ask   you want to start applying for adsense the fastest content google adsense can approve this demand   is about finance google addison can approve about finance investment insurance all of them   within finance so in that case if you cut a reply of low value content add at least   four to four to five content and each of those content should be 1000 works each okay or above   1000 and then get a good image that is free from what copyright and also i'm going to show you   another thing you need to fix to get our google adsense approval once you have this kind of reply   once you add some images also consider once you add some content also consider the kind of   team you are using so let's go to mobile friendly texting this is a uh they choose for google google   have these particular tools i'm going to check if my website is mobile friendly if he's not   we're going to change the team to uh image magazine this is a very perfect team to use   to apply for addison's so let's say for example you are using something like newspaper or you   are using any other any other team please try to add four to five content then install   image magazine array apply uc they are going to approve you immediately within one week or four   days depending the uh location you apply whether you apply for usa depending they are the time they   are going to review your website so i'm going to copy my website url to test it in this mobi   friendly texting okay to check if my website is mobile friendly because this is main important   thing google is trying to update to tell you that mobile friendly which is more by optimization   is very important to the users so let's uh let me fix the url and text it okay and click text   so it's going to analyze to give us a report if this web website is mobile friendly   so before you apply for adsense please try to use this mobile friendly to text   if your website is well optimized based on mobile friendly uh time some condition   based on google times and condition check it is free of charge tools which can be able to use   to analyze your website to know if it's mobile friendly if it's not please look for any free   theme that is very simple install it add some few content reapply you will get approved immediately   okay and they said something earlier they said uh i have this is this page is mobile friendly but i   have page loading uh issues this is one of the thing again that is going to cost addison from   not approving my website so this page uh loading issue is one of the things the google ports when   the people are trying to approve your website they destroy your website to check if it meets the   policy if you did not meet the policy they're not going to approve you they're going to start are   giving you reason to adjust your content so if you see now let me click that uh page loading issue   the page loading issue is the csx the html and if you check very well when i was uh   i hired somebody to customize this team like this okay i hire someone a lot of css are being used   in this team so i'll tell you not to use a customized team like just try to tweak your team   to look so beautiful to make something because at the end of the day most of the developers   don't really know much about coding so they will end up putting some code that is going   to block google port or any of the ports to work perfectly to detect your content uh uniqueness   so i would advise you just to change your team to free teams that is very simple if   you check here they said uh i have um html which is mini report which is google port   google ports blocked by google pod okay this is very google ports he said google port   blocked by robot dot tst this is a coding that uh if you see here you're going to see something   like js gss which is the javascript which is the person the style sheet the plugins and a lot of   things within these teams that the developers used to develop this team are blogging google ports   to dictate how unique my website is so i'm going to change this team and then add some few content   and reapply for adsense and get approval instantly but before you start putting content please once   you put your content try to check if your team correspond to be mobile friendly or if you have   any page loading issue because page loaded issue can cost addison from not approving your site   because if they are proof you are blogging the port not to quote some of your content and this   can cause low traffic to your website it's going to be like you don't need ports to crawl your site   and also you don't need ports to call your content to what get approval instantly so try to use this   mobile uh friendly text to know if you can be able to get some issue you can be able to fix   by yourself please stop using a designed let's say stop using a customized team once you got approved   you can use any other team you want to use so i'm going to show you the team you are going to use   to get a descent approval very fast after getting a reply of low content or maybe you are trying to   apply for addison you are going to use this team i'm going to show you and also uh put some little   content and get approval instantly now let's go back let me log into the dashboard admin dashboard   so once i log into the admin dashboard what i need to do there is to just change the theme to   image magazine this is a powerful uh let's say is a free team that i love so much that don't   have a lot of css uh customization is very little so once you're trying to apply for addison please   let's say for example don't go for all these uh high volumes let's say don't go for customized   team like premium things just go for don't use a crack team please don't use crack team   don't use premium team yet okay get approval fixed with free team then before you start   applying for adsense once you've got approval you can use any of the team you want to use   so in this case we are going to use image magazine which is a free theme   this one particular so we're going to use this image team magazine then click install then activate once you activate check some the plugin the premium team the plugin uh that is   activated just uh remove all of them get added center approval so you can design your website   because most of these are css can block google ports depending the developer that is going to   design your website but be careful i would advise you to just use common simple team then add some   content and get approval because remember the topic we're trying to solve here is low content   value and team can be issued because if you check here after using mobile text to text   my uh website if it's user friendly say the page is friendly but i have what they called uh   i have what they called page loading issue so and the page loading issue this is the the outcome   the screenshot of page loading issue and google hates this particular problem once they visit your   website so please consider because this is css css can cause this javascript can cause it this is   very bad in terms of xeo and also bad for google adsense approval so know how you use premium or   cracking because this team are cracking this one i'm using on this website is crack so i bought it   low price i don't want to buy from the main seller so i decided to contact a developer to design the   team to be very nice to look beautiful but at the end of the day uh it caused loading issue which   google adsense is not going to approve is not use outward friendly so i decided to change the team   at full content we apply and get at the center proof that is very simple for you to solve uh   low value content in 2021 so if you have an issue on low value content add content change your team   look if you're using premium team please go for free teams that is very simple then reapply and   get approval okay thank you guys for watching and please don't forget to subscribe and don't forget   to comment hashtag addison approval and if you have anything concerning issue i'm here to reply   as soon as possible to give you a solution thank you guys for watching you have a wonderful day 


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