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10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗

  10 people who are surprisingly Arab ❗ Despite the fact that individuals of Arab drop aren't regularly celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be shocked to realize that some of you. Araian Girl:Source-Wikimedia Despite the fact that individuals of Arab plunge aren't frequently celebrated in the news, particularly with strains in the Middle East, ISIS, and the previous War on Terror, you may be astounded to realize that a portion of your #1 performers have Arabic legacy.  Whatever your generalizations and suppositions might be, a portion of these names may astonish you. It simply demonstrates that individuals are really difficult to classify and these stars are no special case.  Here are a couple of stars whose predecessors or even guardians came from some place in the Middle East. Since they are not named Mohammed doesn't make their family any less authentic A large number of them have progenit

How to get a high paying job in Canada

 How to get a job in Canada with high salery

 What's up guys?! How you doing today? Welcome back to this YouTube channel Its your guy Igor here Today's video is what it is about its highest and lowest paid jobs in Canada What is happening? Is this the end of the world? nahhh it's Calgary! you're going to be okay guys ! but that's the furthest I could get to the good view now I have to close my window because my phone is going to drown in tears.. of Alberta and tears of those who do not know about the highest and lowest paying jobs in Canada Alright guys let's drive let's drive Nooo we are not going to be driving today I got the list and today at least I'm prepared guys I've prepared statistical data statistics is the mother of highest paying jobs that's how you know which person is making more than you !! maybe double maybe triple times! let's see the highest paid jobs in Canada coming up to you right now Top 10 top 10 jobs in Canada for you guys so you know where to go and how to get that... you know something that you can spend for yourself and a family specialist physicians I'm going to look at the list guys I'm not going to lie to you because this is just huge numbers to remember $117,000 to $375,000 specialist physicians of course you might have heard about the free medicine in Canada it's free!! everyone is paying for it in taxes and doctors got to keep it..! of course they do because.. this is how we roll and it's a good career! if you're planning to be a doctor in Canada! It's awesome all you need to go do is do good is get spend years and years and years of education to do that or if you were a doctor in your country you have to get the license pass the examination whichmight be easier than spending another $375,000 for your tuition it's like taking a mortgage! #2! awesome guys dentist! huh?!! I have to go visit mine! You know why? You join a company, you get the benefits and benefits because you have to pay huge bucks for dentist here so you can use up your benefits and they can make money on it, alright So Dentist $53,805 of course all these numbers are a year to $2,13,671 huhhh! if I start thinking about that kind of money ! I start thinking what all I could buy... but I was just dreams dreams dreams dreams! Dentist so if you are a dentist that's good money!! you can start with the technician it's probably closer to $60,000 but dentist! that's the father of all..! that's how much money you make! #3 again... a doctor! family physicians they are making anywhere from $58,015 a year to $310,054 alright! you get to meet people you got to talk to children you meet different people with different and yeah it's awesome you know it's kind of fun if you're an extrovert that's a freaking awesome job you got to meet people you say hi and you get 100 bucks for saying that I literally go to family physicians in Canada.. and they just have their own clinics and what they do is they run around they're like hello how are you doing ? this is how that's a result done gone in another room another room another room another room and every room they walk into it's hundred bucks hundred bucks hundred bucks..hundred bucks for every 15 minutes that's how they make and all you have to deal with is the nurse which by the way also gets good money closer to $80,000 per year and nurse comes in and deals everything for you the doctor says hi and gets your money yeah that's how we roll in Canada..! #4 Oh you're gonna like it!!! lawyers Lawyers are making anywhere from $48,630 to $1,46431 that's an average some people make more that's if you are a lawyer with good connections good education just roll like that you have good cash it's expensive to get yourself into a bar here and do the degree but doctors and lawyers who could I mean who could doubt that? Welcome to Canada.. #5 federal judges the most corrupt people in Ukraine but not in Canada fingers crossed of course hopefully not but they are making why would they get corrupted? if they are making $308,600 to $396,700 according to the statistics of one of the job sites that people post job that's the statistics maybe if you're a federal judge in Canada... don't mess with federal judges alright and finally my occupation where a dream of every business entrepreneur #6 senior managers of goods, production, utilities, transportation and construction $75,159 to $141,569 here goes my MBA well I don't have an MBA I have masters and business I have PMP and I spent too many years of studying just to be able to make as a senior manager once I get there yeah I'm not a senior manager yet once I get there I got to make $75,159 to $141,569 I should have spare next few extra few years and I would be a family physician making whooping $3,00,000!!! I went to the wrong career path why did I ever spend 6 years of education in business to havesuch limited opportunities? if I could spend four more years and be a doctor I wouldn't mind that and also there is also Actuaries Actuaries?! what is Actuary? I had to Google it myself.. don't be surprised guys it's basically in management Risk management business as well.. Alright those guys are making anywhere from $45,820 to $129,740 it's business-related people one hundred so where is it again? $1,29,740 not bad not bad that's good that's Risk management so and if you get to a position and business of senior management then you're probably going to make $120,000 but if you get to a good position as a doctor you're probably going to make $280,000 so just just to compare extra few extra four years of Education.. can get you way above there and extra patients for lawyers you can get more money too its eeh competing industries.. I would say the bottom of the highest paying is business.. then lawyers then physicians and federal judges you don't mess with those guys engineering managers there's so many engineers subscribed to this channel.. hello guys your welcome this is for you $68,100 to $172,000 so if you're an engineer you are in luck because in average you're probably going to make thirty percent more than me because I'm not an engineer I'm just a business professional so engineering degrees you're welcome guys you're going to make more money than business professional and management $68,100 to $172,000 an average meaning that you can make more..! everything on this list is like averaging average and average you can make more sometimes less but we hope for better right guys? Oh Canada!! Airplane pilots alright?! those guys were sexy uniforms and all the flight attendant ladies they like them because they are... well okay okay this isn't politically incorrect!! this is incorrect for Canada ! pilots can be... ladies or guys alright it does not matter but anyways regardless of what gender they are they wear a uniform and they look pretty sexy!! Alright a pilot lady!? hmm probably.. not me it's probably good probably good yeah $1000 Oh $35233.. who got this statistics ? who got this statistic ??!!! I don't believe pilots can make $35,000 well you know what statistics mother... I ehhh I cannot I cannot argue with the mother of science statistics $35233 to $1,46,274 so if you're a pilot you're like a senior manager but it's good money too... if you're a pilot plus you got to wear a good uniform and other genders are going to fall for you! alright guys now with this being said.. sad it is sad because you're going to talk ten lowest paid jobs in Canada To start this conversation I going to say what are the lowest paid jobs in Canada anything where ever you get the minimum wage minimum wage there are so many jobs that are paying minimum wage and those are the lowest paid jobs and lots of people end up working there regardless of your education and other stuff you got to do what you gotta do to pay your bills and to eat something right rent food kids children lots of stuff families to support them sometimes you're an engineer and you're going to do those jobs so here's the list of those ten jobs where you don't want to end up in the end after coming here at least not for a long time alright #1 sewing machine operator so if you are suing machine operator you can make statistics $22,514 to $41,546 $41,000 is not that bad but still senior managers make double that alright it's doctors making $300,000 so suing machine operator if you are suing machine operator unless you have your own business don't expect to make much alright #2 Cook in fast food oh this is funny they make a whopping $20,994 to $26,026 a year alright so you don't want to be a suing machine operator because that's not much money but unless you love it and unless you are a really professional designer then you can make a lot of money Fast food chef cook .. chef..why did I say chef? cook.. not good not much money that's why so many cooks I know in Calgary from other countries are doing driving trucks for logistics because they make moremoney there than trying to cook in a fast food restaurant unless you get in a good restaurant of course # 3 cashier if you're in retail cashier taking money giving the change back $21,183 to $29,156 so maximum was $29,156 like an average maybe some people make more even if you're in private company but other than that those are trust me guys these jobs are respectable jobs you've got to do what you have to do but they're the lowest paid jobs and it sucks to get less than other people that are getting alright I agree with that totally you don't want to be making less money but it does not mean that we don't respect those people right those jobs are respectable jobs and if you're doing them it's good you know in Canada no one who looks at what you do you gotta do what you gotta do no one cares as long as you're working if you don't work in you're just a lazy person then well that's that's that's what I don't respect but if your work if you're hard-working or doesn't matter what you do even if you're on the list of ten lowest paid jobs I'm just giving it to you just so you know there is a higher paying jobs and you can get there if you really want to #4 dishwasher now there are dish washing machines and there are people who operate them alright $21286 to $28,540 that's a really low bartender bartender okay here I can argue I can argue about bartenders ya-ya-ya-ya-ya but tips tips tips tips bartenders get huge tips if they're doing a good job now this statistic doesn't count the tips if you're a bartender you are going to get basically the lowest paying job but people during the day if you're doing a great job they will tip you and that might be extra money by at least 50% I would say if you're good you can get more if you're in a luxury restaurant bartender in the big pub then expect to make more all right Restaurant host and hostess now this job is yeah it's a nice job you got to serve clients meeting people serving food hostess it's it's a job and but it's not highest-paid also tips tips tips if you make tips it might be worth a while alright A service station attendant okay per year service station attendant number eight let's just get through it food and beverage server again tips you can make more money If you get tip by customer people give you a percentage of their bill like fifteen percent or something or they can give you five bucks depending on the mood food counter kitchen help food counter and kitchen help okay if you're working in them and number 10 is babysitters nannies and parent helpers which is not bad alright guys to generalize this list The highest people are number one health care number two law number three business management and engineering lowest paid jobs anything related to restaurants kitchen, food, babysitting those jobs are lower paid according to the list there yeah lots of and foods and retail cashiers are not making much money so that's where you don't want to end up alright guys by the way don't forget this thing I why do some of you recognize the steering wheel because I drive for uber and I didn't say it in this video but I'm sure it should be there too Uber drivers in Canada make up to $60,000 per year so if you are wanting for some freedom and you want to make some good money which is pretty decent it's not the highest paid jobs obviously it's up to sixty thousand if you put in long hours but it's also not on the list of the lowest paid jobs in Canada so you don't have to go to work you can work your own hours it's very flexible, good income that's what I do part-time right now working full time at my job and I invite you to also try it out I'm going to leave a link for a sign up bonus that is usually up to $1,000 depending on the province each month they keep on changing it so I cannot tell you exactly what it's goingto be right now or next month when you're going to be watching this video so check this link out sign up for Uber if you want to and we can drive together guys so I'm just inviting you it's good money and plus you get a bonus as a driver inviting a driver and yeah that's that's my Uber car I have a sticker red sticker on the back of my car I'm going to show you and I'm going to go back to my office to finish up you see? this is TNC every Uber driver in Alberta is supposed to have one and regardless where you are at Canada it's pretty decent job for now while there is not too many drivers Alright guys thank you so much for watching make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel and of course if you want to see my funny face I want to see your face too so make sure you subscribe We'll see you next video have a good one guys we will see you tomorrow tomorrow no after the weekend Have a good one guys! 


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